I Know That My Redeemer Lives

Job 19v25
I know that my redeemer lives. I know that my redeemer lives. The book of Job is considered a gloomy book. However there are gems of wonderful truths to be found in it. Job lost everything possessions, job, family, friends, house etc. However in the midst of it all he was able to say “I know my redeemer lives” God essentially gave a new start. But he had to wait for it. How do we face difficult circumstances. Its very hard but we can know God in them.


Thought for the week

How’s your memory? A good one can be helpful or an embarrassment. There may be things which are best forgotten and, strangely, they are the ones we usually do not have a problem remembering. A bad memory is not helpful and can leave us with a red face if an appointment, birthday or wedding anniversary is forgotten. All through life we are storing memories and these stores will include positive and negative experiences. For those who have confessed their sins and known God’s forgiveness there is this amazing promise in Isaiah 43. God does not remember them!

Joanna Frizelle, Administrator
Brook Lane Community Church

Thought for the week

The month of October makes me think of ripe fruit and veg., shorter days and misty mornings, cobwebs glistening on hedges and the smell of chestnuts roasting on a stall in the High Street. Im so glad I live in a country that has four seasons with all their variety of colour and weather. Psalm 65 is a poem of praise and thankfulness to God for his amazing power creating and sustaining our universe, answering prayer and forgiving sin. Perhaps it was autumn when King David wrote: You crown the year with your bounty May I remember too to say thank you for all these things!

Stop, look and listen!

When we hear the word STOP it indicates the halting or suspending of a movement, action or activity.
LOOK is an instruction given to fix their gaze in a particular direction or thing.
LISTEN is also an instruction to hear with attention and understanding. The combination of these words indicates for us to take pay attention for our own benefit.
I’m asking you today to STOP your normal routine and chore, LOOK at the Bible and then LISTEN to God’s voice through His Holy Spirit.
The result will be for our benefit. A refusal will be to our own detriment.
What’s your response?


Imagine: Universe with no purpose; railway tracks with no destination; ship with no destination; a church with no vision. As a local church we have a purpose or there is no point and everyone might as well do what they like. The writer of proverbs reminds us that "Where there is no revelation (vision), people cast off restraint…" (Prov 29:18). We have a vision at BLCC to "Share Christ & Do Good to ALL People". The vision is short & simple but achievable if we all play our part as individuals. The prophet Habakkuk reminds us in chapter 2:2 to "Then the LORD answered me, "Write the vision. Make it clear on tablets so that anyone can read it quickly" (God’s Word Translation). How will the vision come to pass? When we see Christ for who He is and let Him dwell in us richly. It will then be a natural thing for us to share and do good because of His supernatural power at work in us. We also need to actively Reach, Serve, Share and Equip others. The extent to which we can achieve this is dependent on all of us…including you. Don’t hold back the work by doing nothing, but give God your everything and let Him work through you. Together, this community can be won for Christ!


Our Mission as a community church is in 4 areas: Reaching, Serving, Sharing & Equipping. Reaching is absolutely essential to what we have been called to do. READ ROMANS 10:14,15 now. If we are not actively reaching anyone then there’s no point in us being His church. There are about 18,000 people in our area, about 15,000 need to be reached by approximately 500 Christians in the churches in this area. This means that each one of us ought to build good relationships with about 30 people in our target area. Who said the job is done? WHO are we reaching? EVERYONE! "the harvest is plentiful but the labourers are few… "(Mathew 9:37). Jesus is our model for reaching people – read Mathews Gospel for lots of examples. WHY? The Great Commission (Mathew 28:19,20), Everyone needs the Saviour (Romans 3:23; 6:23). We are His ambassadors and have been called for this purpose. HOW? One by one. Your neighbour, friend, work colleague, family, anyone to whom the Lord puts on your heart. Use Facebook, twitter and other social media to build friendships. WHEN? Now! Don’t put it off, because the harvest crop doesn’t last forever. Let reaching people with the love and power of God be a natural occurrence in your life through His supernatural power at work in you! We must REACH the lost!


Pentecost – Make a joyful noise

Every day we are called by one another to tell of the love of God through Jesus and of his great love for us. We usually find this very challenging and would rather side step this and leave it to the ‘church leader’ or ‘evangelist’. But is this what Christ wants? How can I tell people about the love of Christ that you’ve experienced? Or how can I share of the love of Christ that you received? It seems that we can only ‘tell and share’ when we are bold and courageous. Christ has provided us with what is needed to help us to be bold, fearless and confident…His Holy Spirit. We celebrate today, the outpouring of His Spirit at Pentecost today. Ask for the Holy Spirit today and receive His supernatural power to be ‘tell and share’ your story of His Love.