A Resolution Worth Keeping


So, how’s the prayer thing going? Have you decided to make it a habit? If not, what are you afraid of? What’s holding you back? Seriously, what’s holding you back? Are you too busy? Are you too distracted? Are there more pressing things for you to do? Do you intend to get round to it later? Is this how you treat the one you love? The Father has lavished us with all that He has, that’s the extent to which He loves us and He asks us to draw near to Him in prayer so that He can release His blessing to us. Jesus died on the cross so that you and I can have direct access to the Father in His name. So, do you want a relationship with Him or not? If you do, then you’ve got a do better than you are. You can’t love someone when you spend hardly any time with that person. God is waiting on you to draw near. Check out what He has promised for you and let that encourage you and remind you that all you need to do is to walk with Him in prayer as He fulfills His promise towards you. This is a resolution worth keeping!



A Resolution Worth Keeping


Welcome to 2014! Congratulations for making it into this New Year! It means that God’s purpose for your life is not yet finished. So, what next? Are you going to carry on where you left off in 2013? What needs improving in your life? Think about them, write them down, seek advice and begin to work at it. Are you unsure of what needs to improve, then how about your relationship with God through prayer? There is no better way to start the year. Write down what you’ve requested from God and the date, then write down the answers – exciting!

Are you fed up of a fluttering prayer life that only seems to go so high and so far then comes back to the ground again? Well you’re in good company. Why not commit to pray with another believer on a regular basis – say once a week? Resolve this year to move from prayerless to prayerful, powerless to powerful, weakness to strength, faithless to faithful, hopeless to hopeful. Why don’t you do something different to last year so that the result will be different?

Are you desiring to have a deeper relationship with God, then equip yourself for the journey. If you and I do the same thing each day for a month it becomes a habit. So, what do you do each day that have become habits? Is prayer in that list if it is, lets go deeper. What we spend more time on each day affects who we are and what we become. So, review what takes up your time each day. Reducing time on these and increasing your time in prayer will draw you nearer to God’s presence and will connect you more with God’s will and plan for your life.

Resolve to make prayer a priority in 2014. Start now, yes literally now. Enjoy your time with God!


What are you giving this Christmas?

Many have already hit the shops or will be from this weekend to buy gifts to give to loved ones. Some have got everything prepared and some want to just bury their head in the sand and are waiting for all of it to be over. God gave the world He loves, the greatest gift ever…His Son Jesus Christ. Everyone who receives this gift by believing ‘In Jesus’ obtains life forevermore (John 3:15,16). Here’s some thoughts before you start spending. What are you giving? Of what value is it? Will it last? Are you giving your best? Are you giving to receive back? What will it really cost you? What benefit will it be for the receiver? Jesus is our perfect example on giving. Will you follow His example? So then, what are you going to give this Christmas?


What Are You Preparing For?

So, the weather’s taken a turn fully into cold mode. Winter has finally arrived and yes, the ice scrapers are back in use after a dormant few months. So, what’s all the talk about now? Oh yes, John Lewis’s advert for Christmas…really? Every channel you flick to reminds us about the season we are entering into and the need for us to spend on those must have food items, toys and goods. Fancy a sofa for Christmas? Hurry up before you miss the Christmas delivery deadline!…really?

Oh, those adverts of family fun and festivities with everyone laughing whilst wearing the perfect fit Christmas hats and surrounding the table of almost untouched, perfectly placed Iceland (with Aldi in tow) Christmas food…really? You’re probably already taken in by and really tempted by the retailers to make everything perfect for that wonderful, memorable Christmas Day isn’t it?

To the uninitiated from another planet that sees all this frenzy of activity, we are preparing to celebrate Christmas. The response is “Well, what’s that? Tell me more”. Well, go on. what are you preparing for? Surely you know don’t you? It’s Christ’s Mass. The gathering of people to celebrate the glorious entry of God into mankind nearly 2,000 years ago to save it from His judgment and wrath…isn’t it? Have I missed something? Well if so, what are you preparing for?

Andrew J